Food porn and other musings in the form of the world's favorite dish...PIZZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Chocolate and powdered sugar pizza dough-nuts from Robbie-Mac in Sherman Oaks, CA.
Yes the actual doughnut is just pizza dough. Simple yet BRILLIANT
  2. It’s a Pizza Pie Guy Special!
My own homemade version of the Margherita. Cabernet wine sauce from scratch, rosemary sourdough crust ALSO from scratch, and Rumiano’s mozzarella.  It was gone in 60 seconds. 4
  3. Robbie Mac’s in Sherman Oaks…honestly, it’s just whatever. This is L.A. Step your game up. 2
  4. Margherita beauty from Mother Dough in Silver Lake, Hollywood CA.  Ovens get up to about 900 degrees…almost as hot as the woman I ate the pizza with. Ziiiinnngg. 1
  5. Make it stop!!!  Wait….DON’T make it stop 22440
  6. Vegan margherita from Pitfire in North Hollywood,  CA 14
  7. Broccoli, sun-dried tomato and thyme vegan pie from Artizan Pizza Kitchen in North Hollywood, CA 36
  8. Wake up.  You want your bacon egg and cheese on a biscuit? Muffin? Bagel?
You gettin it on a pizza. 14
  9. Studies show that, when driving, having a pizza in the car is more dangerous than texting.
Reblog to spread awareness.